Pandemic Cock Comparison

The pandemic is still in the air. Almost everyone is locked during the coronavirus quarantine at home. We hope you are all well!

But not everyone is so happy to have theirs partner at home or doesn't have partner at the time at all. We recieved many demands for another solo weekly task. So here it is. It's pretty simple - compate your cock to any item you find interesting, like side by side comparison. Cock vs banana, bottle, rolled out condom, smartphone, eggplant, ruler, baseball bat... it`s all about our fantasy. We think that super hot could be compare your cock to dildo/vibrator of your partner with comment, which one is better and why. So feel free to compare your dick to any item you think members could find funny/interesting/hot. Let's the comparison competition begin!

The weekly task is already closed!
Thanks all members who participated and enjoy the pics!

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