RateMyWand Sign

Put the text "RMW" or "RateMyWand" on your body and take a pic! Put it on your hard cock, pussy, boobs of your girl, ass. Show some nudity with the RateMyWand sign! Write it with pen or lipstick on your body or some piece of paper. It's all up to you. Lately we have some fake profiles around so show the members that you are REAL! Prove that the massive hard cock in your profile is yours and the real deal. Download some stolen pics from internet and post them here can do everyone... Aren't you sure if you talk to real person on the pics? Ask him/her to post the weekly challenge! We need to see you love the site so we can be more dedicated to bring you new featues soon. Enjoy hot bodies of real users RMW!

The weekly task is already closed!
Thanks all members who participated and enjoy the pics!

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