Cock and puss (bisex)
Ready for cock! What would you Do, any thoughts? - Rate My Wand

Ready for cock! What would you Do, any thoughts?

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Make love to you all night. Slowly, until you would collapse in exhaustion from all the orgasms


Now would hsve to say. Yr pussy is very inviting. Looks very clean and ready to slip and slurp on. with s sweet fragrance .yum


I thought I'd slide my big cock deep inside your tight wet pussy mmmm


I would slide my 8" hard vainy cock in and out nice till ur juices are all over my shaft


My thoughts is to lick ur pussy till u squirt and piss in my mouth the same time i swallow up all


I would suck that pussy so hard get u nice wet get ur juices flowing then slide in with my hard cock till u cum all over it


I'd lick it first get it nice and wet then slide in hard make u cum all over me


Run my tongue along your wet cunt and suck on the clit getting you wetter and hornier. Have you ride my cock as I cum deep inside your beautiful cunt


I wpuld wait for you to fill it and then use your cum for lube as i fuck her hard and fast, filling her with my hot juicy load


I want to put my thick cock inside this hot shaved pussy!

Timmy J:

I would lick that little clit for about an hour, until u beg me to stick my big white cock inside you. Then i would fuck you till u couldnt cum any more.!!


You want to talk dirty baby


I would kiss that beautiful pussy, then lick and bury my face in that beautiful pussy, get it nice and wet and excited, then run that clit with my dick till shes squealing and ready to take it

P Nut:

I would love to slide my dick in this pussy

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