Deepthroat Blowjob


So somebody told us that the tasks are not challenging anymore. Well... here we go. Post pic or video of you getting or giving deepthroat blowjob. There is only one rule - deepthroat means balls deep in mouth. The lips should be around the root of hard dick! Don't even try to trick us!

Are you single? Show us your deepthroat skills on your favorite sex toy - again, it should be deep in your mouth! Or better, go out there and find a person willing to give you one or vice versa. THE GAME STARTS NOW!

Measure Your Cock #6


It's almost one year since last measurement task! There are plenty of new members since then so it's time to grab your rulers and measure tapes and measure your hard cock! How big is your cock? And how about a girth? Show us proper measurement of your penis.

This is also fun task for couples. Put a measure tape in her hands, let her make you super hard and tell her to measure your dick! The same works for guys! We want to see your measurement technique! Record a video of how it's done!

Boobs #4


It' boobies time! We need to see them all! Small, big, natural, fake, oiled, perky, hard nipples, pierced nipples... all of them are perfect! Show us tits of not only your wifes, girlfriends... don't be scared to ask any of your female friends you have! Take it as a challenge!

Special points to cock between boobs or cumshot on boobs... and video of that!

Cock in the Mirror


The task is very simple this time. Take a pic or video of your cock in the mirror. There is only one rule - the real cock and it's perfect copy in the mirror - both have to be in the scene at the same time!!! Be creative... cuming on the mirror, fucking in front of mirror, blowjob in front of mirror... it's all up to your fantasy and creativity!

It's the game of angle!

Sexual Wellness Products #2


Its time to show your private sexual product inventory again. Do you have any special sex toys, BDSM equipment, condoms, lubricants? Dildos, vibrators, cock sleeves, cock rings, pocket pussies, fleshlights, venus balls, butt plugs, strapons or anything else? Do you have some new stuff or favorite one? We wanna see! Show us whatever you have in your secret stash.

Show other members how are you using your naughty things on video. Compare your sex toy to hard cock! Put it in your mouth, pussy, ass! Penetrate it! Play with it! Are you couple? Show us using it together on your partner! Have fun!

Just the Tip! #2


The popular sexy task is back! Be careful to the rules, it's all about teasing this time. The main goal is to use just the head of a cock, not even inch more! Let your partner suck only the tip of your dick or stick just the head of your cock into the wet tight pussy. For how long can you take it? Or vice versa - suck only the tip of a penis. Are you even able to make him cum this way? We also want to see some vidoes! Accept the teasing challenge and show us what you can do with JUST THE TIP!

Easter 2024


Happy Easter everyone! Show us your eggs and bunnies. We heard there is popular whipping women on the east...

International Condom Day 2024


It's time to celebrate International Condom Day again! Show us your favorite brand of condoms and how you use them. Put it on your hard cock or toy of your choice and show us some safe sex! Can you fill it with your partner? Are you challenged enough to record video or at least take some hot pics?

Blowjob #6


Some say there is no better feeling than having your cock sucked. We are not even close to argue about that. Quite a opposie.

We want to see some nice blowjobs. Deepthroats, making a cock hard just by a mouth, some tongue play acound glans or cuming in the mouth. What do you like? Show us your partner sucking (your) dick! Or are you the one sucking some? We wanna see! Are you challenged enough to record us video of the whole session?

XMAS 2023


Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holiday season with your families and close friends.

Share your X-mas decorations, costumes and presents!

Cock Comparison


The task is very simple this time. Compare your cock to whatever comes on your mind or what you find interesting! It's ment to be like side by side comparison. Use a banana, tv remote controler, rolled out condom, pencil, vibrator/dildo, butt plug, smartphone, ruler, bottle/can of your favorie drink, foot/arm/face of your sexual partner,... It's all up to you! You can compare the length and/or girth of your hard cock. Be creative! Make it fun!

Horny Halloween 2023


It's sexy scary time again! Show us your bones and pumpkins! Do you have any sexy costume? We all wanna see that! Do you have any Halloween sexual position or habit? Show us what you got! Be creative, be scary, be erotic!

Cock Ring #3


Cock rings, head rings, balls stretchers, cockslings, balls rings... we want to see it all. What do you prefer? Silione, leather or metal? What sizes are the best for you? What color? Do you like to get your cock sucked with the one on you? Why do you use them? Do you like to fuck with them on? Do you like to have your dick squeezed and full of blood? Do you have any? Is it hard to put them on? Record the video and post it!

Oral Sex


We all love it. Getting your cock sucked or your pussy eaten out. It's time for your oral exam!

Show other members how do you pleasure your partner orally or how them are giving oral pleasure to you. Can your partner deepthroat your whole hard cock? Do you like to cum in mouth? How do you like your pussy getting licked? Do you like long teasing and enging with the tongue and lips or you are actually fan of quickies? Can you make her squirt? Is she good cocksucker? Show us! We also want to see videos of the whole mouth/tongue action!!!

Are you single now? Show us your oral skills on your sex toy!! Be creative! Be naughty!

Measure Your Cock #5


It has been a while since the last cocks measure task. Prepare your rulers and measurement tapes, make your dick hard and just do it! Share your measurements.

Are you a couple? Let your partner measure your hard cock for you then. Even more challenging would be just asking your female friend to measure your dick for taking a picture. Also videos of measuring process could be fun to share. We are waiting to see your numbers, guys!

A Condom #2


Suit up guys! It's another condom weekly task. What brand is your favorite? What size do you buy? Do you like flavored ones? Buy a package and wrap it up!

Are you a woman? Put a condom on your favorite dildo and show us how you do like to suck hard dick or how you want to be fucked! Are you couple? We want to see some proper blowjob with a condom on. Or do you want to stick in another hole? Show us! It's also a nice forplay to put a ruber on his cock!

Special points to everyone posting vidoes with condoms. How to put it on hard cock, jering off in a condom, fucking with rubber on, condom blowjob, filling condom with load of warm sperm... you name it (and record it)!

RateMyWand Sign #2


Do you consider yourself as a fan of our site? Show it to us! Put a RateMyWand or RMW sign on your body and take a photo of that! Tribute our site! Put the sign on your girl's boobs or butt. Write the sign on your hard cock! Be creative! Surprise us! You can also use a paper with the very same sign. The side effect is you can also easily prove other members that you are real deal and not a fucking fake account just stealing pictures from others.

We would also appreciate to see the sign in your videos.

Fleshlight or pocket pussy #3


It's time to share your opinion on those maturbators for males! Do you have any fleshlight or pocket pussy? What brand do you have? What do you like on it and what not? Share your experience with us!

Show other members how hard can you fuck your toy via video. Or maybe for how long are you able to last with hard fucking? It's up to you. We all wanna see!

Fucking - Doggy Style


Doggy Style is one of the most popular sexual position ever, so there is no need to any kind of introduction. We want to see some good fucking from behind. Are you single at the moment? No problem, for sure you have some sex toy you can easily fuck this way!

Don't hesitate to post vidoes of you having sex in doggy style. Show other members how do you like it. Slow teasing full strokes? Hard fucking? Are you quick cummer? Is she loud? For how long can you go?

Easter 2023


Happy Easter everyone! How do you celebrate? We anna know! Show us! Do you have some eggs? How about some bunnies?

Boobs #3


Everybody loves them. Big, small, perky, natural, fake, huge, with pierced nipples, hard nipples, oiled... we could go on for an hour, but the point is very clear. We need to see more boobs here. Are you a girl? Show us! Do you have gf/wife/SO? We want to see her perfect tits! Ask your female friend if you can and click her boobies to show them here! WE NEED MORE BOOBS!

Extra special points for videos of fucking boobs. Put your hard cock between her tits and fuck them until you cum all over! If you have any special idea how to tribute boobs, don't hesitate to share!

Blowjob #5


We want to see some hard dicks getting sucked again. Tell your gf/wife/mistress/SO that you have a very serious homework from our site and that she should suck your cock while you are taking pics of that and recording some videos. Tell her that you will show other members how good she is at sucking your cock. We want to see her blowjob technique. Can she deepthroat you? Does she spit on your cock at first? Are you used to cum in her mouth? Some tongue play?

Extra special points to anywone who will deliver a longer video of a nice proper blowjob! 1 minute at least! Or you can't handle her mouth and tongue for that long???

International Condom Day 2023


International Condom Day is here again! It's celebrated on 13th February and we should enjoy it all together. Go and buy package of condoms and wrap it up on your rock hard cock! Are you a single lady? Don't worry, put it on your favorite dildo or vibrator.

Now we want to see how the condom looks on your hard cock. Stretch the rubber and roll it down to the root of your cock! This should be a fun for couples too. Show us fucking and giving blowjob with condom on. It's all about fun and safe sex this time! Tell us what brand do you use and why. Special points for posting:

  • Video of your girl (or you) putting a condom on your hard cock! Make a tutorial guys!
  • Fucking or sucking with condom on until you cum inside!

Really it's time for some proper condomplay! Show us what you got and what do you like! Suit up guys! And of course STAY SAFE!

Toilet Paper Roll Test #2


It's quite a time since last toilet paper roll tests! It's time to do some testing guys. Make your dick super hard and try to put it in the the paper roll. Try to stick it inside! Click a pic of that or record a video of you doing the test!

Will you pass the test? We all wanna know, show us!

Just the Tip!


It's the time for first 2023 task! It's called "Just the Tip" and this should be fun for the couples, because of a nice tease. Take a pics or vids of using just a tip of your cock on her pussy. Put just head of your hard cock in her pussy - not even inch more - a and fuck her this way! Tease her to the point, she will be begging for your whole hard cock! Or tell her to suck just head of your cock and let her tease you. How many minutes can you handle? Show us! Or do you have any other sexual ideas? Show us - just don't remember, use only the tip!

We also want to see the videos of using/teasing just the tip!

Happy New Year 2023


Happy New Year guys! We wish you the best and hopefully the year 2023 will be full of pure pleasure!!!

XMAS 2022


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope all of you will have a nice X-mas with your family and enjoy yourselves. We love you all!

Feel free to show us your X-mas decorations! Show the members how do you celebrate the holyday season. All is up to you, the theme is obviously X-mas!



Do you like BDSM? Do you have bondage kink? Do you poses some items? Latex, leather, whips, collars, handcuffs, cuffs, blind fold masks, spanking paddles or something elase? We wanna see. Show us what do you have in your kinky collection and how do you enjoy that. Are you submissive or dominant? Do you like whipping, spanking or edging your partner?

Videos of couples having BDSM fun are very welcomed!.

Fun with Banana


Take a nice big banana. Put a condom on it and fuck your pussy, compare the banana to your hard cock, show us your sucking skills on it. You can freeze it and make it even harder and play with the cold temperature. Use it as new sex toy with your wife/gf/mistress. The sky is the limit, show the other members what can you do with hard big banana. Record videos and take pictures of you playing with the banana and post it!

Horny Halloween 2022


It' time to show some bones and pumpkins! Do you have any costumes? Maybe even erotic ones? How do you celebrate Halloween with your partner? We want to see it all!

Cock Ring #2


Are you using cock rings regularly or just for some special occasions? Do you have any cock rings, head rings, balls stretchers or cocksling? Silione ones, metal or the leather? How hard is your dick if you are wearing one? Show us!

We want to see some videos as well. Show us how do you put the cock ring on video or record how are you fucking with that rock hard dick squeezed by the ring! Blowjob with the cock fing is fun too.

Don't you have any? Maybe it's time to buy one and show the other members how do you like it.

Fleshlight or pocket pussy #2


It's time to show some male masturbators of yours. Do you have any type of fleshlight or pocket pussy? We wanna know! Post a picture or a video of what you have. Post also the name of the product and how good/bad the sex toy is. Is it tight? Does it have good suction? Do you have more of them? Tell us!

Also show how do you like to fuck your fleshlight. The video is perfect way how to share it!.

The Handjob


It's time for a fresh weekly task! If you are male show us your hard dick and how are you receiving handjob from your GF, wife, fuckbuddy, prostitue. Tell us how do you like to get a nice handjob. What do you prefer? Do you like teasing and edging? The female members of the site show us how do you give a hand. We want to see your technique! Fast or slow? Do you play with the leaking precum? We wanna see! Couples show us how do you like it together! And if you are alone, try to ask your female friend to give you one or at least click a photo of your cock in her little hand!

To be super clear the task is getting or giving handjob - not jerking off yourself. And as always, we want to see your videos of handjobs. Try to record the whole deed until the ejaculation!.

Having Sex


The name of the task says it all. Take a pic or even better - record a nice video of yourself having sex.

Show other members how do you fuck your wife, GF, mistress, fuckbuddy, hooker or just a random tinder date. If you are woman show us some rock hard cock going deeep into your tight pussy. Show the members your favorite sexual positions, what do you desire, how long can you last in one fuck session. Do you like it hard or almost romantic? Full long thrusts? How about ending, do you like creampie? Or you prefer fucking with the condom on? We want to see it all! Enjoy yourself and just have fun. This time the task is easy as fuck. Literally.

Blowjob #4


It's time for another couple task. We want to see a nice proper head. Show us cock sucking skills of your wife, girlfriend, mistress, lover, slut, prostitute. Show other members what kind of blowjob are you getting in your private life and how you like it. Does she use some special tricks? More teeth, tongue play, sucking just the tip of your cock, edging you or can she deepthroat that dick? Are you used to fuck her mouth? Show us!

Take a photos of her with your hard cock in her wet mouth. The cock between her lovely lips. Special points for recording GIF or rather video of she making you cum just with her mouth - especially cumming in her mouth or giving her nice facial after the blowjob.

Pussy from Behind - Doggy Style


The previous weekly task was about boobs. It's time to show your butts and pussies now! Ladies, assume doggystyle position like you are ready to be fucked from behind and let your guy to click that. Ass up face down!

Boobs #2


So we have heard, that there are not enough tasks just for the ladies or couples. So here we go! Show us you tits, boobs, titties, hooters, knockers, melons, chest, breasts, cleavage! We all love these! All of them! It's a must to show them now!

Don't forget, we want to see some real tits not downloaded images from the Internet! If you don't have a woman, just ask your female friend and click her boobies!

Easter 2022


Let's celebrate the Easter together with new task. Show us your Easter Eggs! How do you celebrate Easter? We wanna know! Special wank? Fucking like a rabbits? Share it with our members!

Pump It Up!


As we can see some of you have a penis enlager pumps. Show us what type do you have, share the vendor and how do you like it. Is it any good? How does it actually feel for ya? Pump your cock to the maximum! Compare the hard dick before and after the pump! Bonus points for the full video tutorial, how to use it!

Measure Your Cock #4


This is first measure task during year 2022. You know, usually a lot of number are flying around. "I am eightincher", "I am bigger than you" or just "Hey man let's compare our dicks!". No problem at all. Let's back up these words with real measurements! Take a ruller or tape measure and click a picture with your hard dick getting measured. Guys usually concentrate only on the length of the penis, but if you ask any girl the diameter is important as well! So don't forget measure the girth as well!

Bonus points to getting measured by your woman/fuck buddy - and SUPERbonus points for measuring on the video! There is definitely no reason to feel intimidated. We love all of the cocks, any size, curve or color! Just make it fun and show other members what do you have down there!

Cock and Sex Toy Comparison


So we have a really challenging task here. It's definitely not for everyone. It's actually only for the brave ones! You should compare your hard cock side by side with favorite sex toy of your woman. Well, you can compare it to your own sex toys as well. Is your cock better than her dildo/vibrator? Tell us! Show us!

International Condom Day 2022


Another year and another International Condom Day is here! It's celebrated on 13th February. C'mon guys, buy package of condoms and wrap it up on your rock hard cock and lets celebrate it together! What is your favorite brand and why? What type do yo usually use? Any flavour? What color? We wanna see! Are you are a girl? Don't worrry and put a rubber on your favorite dildo and stick deep inside of your wet pussy/mouth/ass hole and click it! Post a GIFs and videos of you fucking with condom! Special points for:

  • Pic/video of your girl putting a condom on your hard cock! Make a tutorial guys!
  • Fucking or sucking with condom on until you cum!

It's time for some condomplay! Bring it on! Suit up guys! And of course STAY SAFE!

Happy New Year 2022


Happy New Year guys! Be careful, stay healthy and stay sexy as you all are! Big improvements of the site are coming soon just for you! We love you all!

XMAS 2021


Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully you - all our members - are ok and you will have a good time. We love you guys! Show your X-mas decorations and presents you will give someone. And definitely show us later what gifts you have recieved! How do you celebrate the X-mas? Show us your dirty X-mas secrets! Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

Blowjob #3


A lot of new members here and we all need to see your sluts sucking your hard cock. Does your slut enjoy deepthorat? Does she swallow? Who actually gives the best blowjob? We need to see some proper cocksucking. Show us her skills!

Horny Halloween 2021


It's Halloween time! Release your bones and show us how scary you can be. Do you have any costumes? We wanna see! Show the members how do you fuck/suck on the Halloween and what other sexual games do you play. Present your big pumpkins!

Vibrators or Dildos Up Ass


So we have recieved request from one of our member to do this weekly task. It sounds pretty cool, so why not? Not so much to say, you should click a pic with a dildo or vibrator in your ass! How big sex toy can you handle? Do you enjoy this or is it the first time? We all wanna know! Don't forget only pictures or gifs counts (but don't worry we are working on videos).

Measure Your Cock #3


It has been some time from last measure task. Prepare your rulers and measure tapes and take a click of measuring your dick. It's measure time! Show your length and girth of your hard cock. You can measure your soft cock as well, as always it's all on you. Are you couple? She should definitely measure you! We all want to know how big your penis really is!

Sexual Wellness Products


It's been a while. The pandemic situation is pretty long for everybody. We hope all of you are ok!

On the other hand the lockdowns were a good time for experiments and exploring you sexuality a little bit more. Do you have any new sexual products? New cock ring, toys, BDSM equipment, dildo, vibrator, fleshlight, pocket pussy, gag ball, handcuffs, ropes, maturbator, butt plug,...? We wanna see it all! Share what do you have at home to pleasure yourself or your significant other!



Happy Easter everyone! We hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays! How do you celebrate the Easter? Nice sex session with your lover? Any special treatment? Show us! Who is your Easter bunny? We wanna know!

Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Hope all members enjoy the day with partner/lover. Let's share some of this time with other members. Did you get/give any interesting erotic present? Or you are more about celebrate by hot fucking? Show us! How do you enjoy the day? Are you alone ans just wank? You can find whatever you search right here, on the site!

Happy New Year 2021


Happy New Year every one! We wish you the best for upcoming year 2021! Be careful, stay healthy and stay sexy as you all are! Big improvements of the site are coming soon just for you! We love you all!

XMAS 2020


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all are well at home and having a good time. Show your Xmas decorations and presents you will get/give. Show the members how do you celebrate! Have fun and enjoy the holidays!

GIF Cumshot #2


Big, small or medium hard cocks of various shapes. We all want to see you spraying load. Do you cum a lot? Or you drip thick load of warm spunk? Are you just browsing the site and you need to cum? Hell yes. Just take a nice gif of you and post it right now! Are you a horny couple? Even better... click a pic of you cuming all over her body, on her tits, in her mouth or a creampie. The challenge is take a nice GIF of your ejaculation. Show us the best of your cuming.

Blowjob #2


Show some slut sucking your cock. Simple as that. Who gives the best head? What do you like? Can she deepthroat? Does she swallow your huge warm load of cum? Every woman has her own style how to give a nice blowjob. Share you story with a pic!!



Happy Halloween! Dick-or-treat!!! Show members your costume and your dirty evil minds! How do you celebrate Halloween? With a lot of sex we hope!

Measure Your Cock #2


New members? New measurements! We all want to see how big your cock really is. Take a ruler or tape measure and post a pic of measuring your dick. Soft or hard we don't care, show how long/thick your penis is. How much centimeters/inches do you have? How big is your glans? Ladies want to see, so don't let them wait!

She and her sex toy


Week ago male members showed us their favorire fleshlights and pocket pussies. This time it's your time ladies! Let us take a look into your box full of sex toys. It's no time for shame. Show us your favorite dildo or vibrator. How big is your sex toy? Can you handle it 'balls deep'? What do you prefer? Which one is your favorite? Do you suck your toy too? Or it should serve just your pussy and tight ass hole? Post GIF of you using your sex toy babe, we want to see how do you like to take it in motion!

Fleshlight or pocket pussy


It's time for fresh weekly task! This time it's all about male masturbators. Do you have fleshlight, pocket pussy, egg, some another version of cup masturbator? Show us! Share with other members what do you have. Share your opinions, rate your masturbator, lets discuss about what each member prefer to use. What brand do you prefer? Tenga, Fleshlight original or some others? Take a pic of you using your favorite pocket pussy/fleshlight.

GIF Cumshot


Show how much do you cum! The members want to see your hard dick spraying cum all over the place. Do you have any sex toy or just enjoy proper jerking off? How do you like to finish? What do you like? Show us! Are you couple? How do you like it together? Creampie, facial, cum in the mouth, on boobs or just on her belly? Or on the butt? How much do you cum? So much questions, you can easily answer by posting yout GIF!

RateMyWand Sign


Put the text "RMW" or "RateMyWand" on your body and take a pic! Put it on your hard cock, pussy, boobs of your girl, ass. Show some nudity with the RateMyWand sign! Write it with pen or lipstick on your body or some piece of paper. It's all up to you. Lately we have some fake profiles around so show the members that you are REAL! Prove that the massive hard cock in your profile is yours and the real deal. Download some stolen pics from internet and post them here can do everyone... Aren't you sure if you talk to real person on the pics? Ask him/her to post the weekly challenge! We need to see you love the site so we can be more dedicated to bring you new featues soon. Enjoy hot bodies of real users RMW!

Pandemic Cock Comparison


The pandemic is still in the air. Almost everyone is locked during the coronavirus quarantine at home. We hope you are all well!

But not everyone is so happy to have theirs partner at home or doesn't have partner at the time at all. We recieved many demands for another solo weekly task. So here it is. It's pretty simple - compate your cock to any item you find interesting, like side by side comparison. Cock vs banana, bottle, rolled out condom, smartphone, eggplant, ruler, baseball bat... it`s all about our fantasy. We think that super hot could be compare your cock to dildo/vibrator of your partner with comment, which one is better and why. So feel free to compare your dick to any item you think members could find funny/interesting/hot. Let's the comparison competition begin!

Sex During Coronavirus Quarantine


Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is all over the globe for last few weeks. We hope you all and whole your families are well!

On the other hand let's try to find something positive here. It's perfect time to spare some extra moments with your sexual partner at home. We are pretty sure you are all over each other whole day. Fucking, sucking, edging and experimenting a lot! Another couples weekly taks is here! Show other couples and members how are you fucking during quarantine! How did you spice up your sexual life? What new did you already try? How often do you need to have sex these hard days? Please share your erotic moments with your partner(s)!

Cock Ring


A lot of guys here are using various types of cock rings. For some guys it' common thing and use them often, some just wanna spice their sexual experience up. There are a lot of versions too. Some goes on the base of hard dick, some goes just behind the corona of huge glans. Some types are used around scrotum and some around balls and the cock at the same time. Cock rings, head rings, balls stretchers, tripple cock rings. It can be metal or stretchy rubber. Some members use strings, ropes or even a chain. Tell us what do you enjoy, why do you use one, what do you like! You didn't try it yet? Maybe you will enjoy restriction of blood flow away from your rock hard cock! Do it now and post the pic!!!



We all love them. Big, small, natural, fake, old, young... everyone has his own preference, but all of them are awesome! Areolas, hard nipples, bouncing boobies. Are you a girl? Show us your tits, we all wanna see them! Don't be shy! Share boobs of your wife, girlfriend, fuck buddy, sister or your mom! Couples should try to put hard cock between boobs and fuck them! Cumshot on tits is huge turn on too! Show us playing with your breats! All members wanna see them!

International Condom Day


International Condom Day is celebrated on 13th February. Lets celebrate together with some hot pics! Buy package of condoms and wrap it up on your rock hard cock! Don't you have one? Put it on your favorite dildo and stick deep inside of your wet cunt/mouth/ass hole! Let other members know what brand is your favorite and why. Post some GIFs with your partner putting the condom on your dick! Sky is the limit of your fantasy. Everyone want to see hot couples fucking, so show us the safe way this time! Condomplay of any kind is the theme. Shiny hard cocks with rubber on and deep inside of wet pussy especially.

Measure Your Cock


This time it's not like comparing your cock to anything. Enough of this kid stuff. Take a ruler or measure tape, make your cock super hard and show us photo of measuring yourself. We know you really have to be self-confident to pass this weekly task but that's the point of the challenge. Show everyone how big and thick is your dick. If you are couple, let your partner measure you. It can be nice foreplay. Does the size really matter to you? Does it matter to your partner? Tell us your opinion with your own cock measurement!



How do you enjoy your time in bathtub? Hot water and steam everywhere. A lot of women enjoy bubble bath teasing you by showing some explicit parts of their perfect bodies. Your sweaty sexy naked body laying in warm water enjoying yourself. The cock is getting hard almost automatically. A lot of couples love to having sex in bathtub. Masturbation in warm water is such a relieve. Some couples even enjoy to piss over each other. Show us how do take a perfect bath!



As a Christmas gift for you we added animated gif support! Finally! So surprise surprise the last weekly task in 2k19 is post animated gif. Jerking off hard cock, cumming, playing with cunt, pussy licking, playing with sex toys or just any other sexual activity. It's absolutely up to you. Just don't forget... the junk should be in motion!



Merry Christmas everybody! Enjoy upcoming holidays and show us how do you celebrate! This time everything related to xmas is allowed! Let other members know how do you enjoy your partner or yourself during holiday(s). Show off your presents you get/give. It's all up to you and have fun!

Pussy Pic


Well our female members clearly want their own weekly task too. Take a pic of your pussy and share it with other members. We all want to see your cunt in every detail and best angle! Show us your tasty shaved pussy lips or hot pubic hair. Share vagina of your wife/gf or just your female friend. Taking such a pic can be quite challenging...

Pussy Fucking


Next weekly task for our horny couples. Show other members how do you enjoy vanilla sex. Stick your hard dick into her wet pussy and click it! We all wanna know what sex positions do you enjoy. What penetration angle is good for her? Do you enjoy hard fucking? Or you are more about sensual slow sex? Tell us... or even better SHOW US! Show us her cunt getting your cock!



We recieved a lot of requests about weekly tasks for couples. So here we go. The goal is show how your partner is sucking your rock hard dick. Deepthroat, ballsdeep mouth fucking or just licking the head of your cock? You decide! Show other members how do you enjoy oral sex, what do you like to do with mouth of your sexual partner. Where do you like to cum? Facial? Does she swallos?

The Precum


Looking around it's pretty common to be horny as fuck. Show us how horny you really are. Your rock solid hard dick should be producing and squeezing a lot of precum so the other members know you were jerking off to their pics. That you are edging your stiff dick for a while already.

Cumshot Pix


Show us how can you spray the cum from your hard cock after fucking, blowjob or wanking session. The moment of ejaculation is actual theme and everything related. Are you couple? Facial, sperm on tits and especially on tight freshly fucked pussy/ass is welcome. Maybe spunk on the tongue or creampie? You decide!

A Condom


It's time to wrap it up! Show your hard cock with a condom on. Share with us your favorite brand you use. Are you woman? No problem, put the rubber on your favorite dildo/vibrator/whatever. Couples should show having sex with the rubber. The task is simply condom related erotic stuff!

Favorite Sex Toy


Post your favorite sex toy. Show other members how do you enjoy playing with it. Let's get inspired together... what do you have and what do you like. Dildo, vibrator, hitachi, fleshlight, pocket pussy, homemade stuff... there are no limits!

The Bulge


Put your favorite underwear on and take a pic of the bulge. Your dick should not be explicit this time. Tease the members! PROTIP: rock hard cock helps you a lot!

Outdoor nude pic


Take a pic of your wet pussy/hard dick outside and share it! Everyone can take such a pic at home/bathroom/bedroom. Boring and no challenge at all!

Toilet Paper Roll Test


Toilet paper roll test! Make your dick hard and upload pic of you trying to stick it in the paper roll!

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