International Condom Day

open International Condom Day is celebrated on 13th February. Lets celebrate together with some hot pics! Buy package of condoms and wrap it up on your rock hard cock! Don't you have one? Put it on your favorite dildo and stick deep inside of your wet cunt/mouth/ass hole! Let other members know what brand is your favorite and why. Post some GIFs with your partner putting the condom on your dick! Sky is the limit of your fantasy. Everyone want to see hot couples fucking, so show us the safe way this time! Condomplay of any kind is the theme. Shiny hard cocks with rubber on and deep inside of wet pussy especially.

Measure Your Cock

open This time it's not like comparing your cock to anything. Enough of this kid stuff. Take a ruler or measure tape, make your cock super hard and show us photo of measuring yourself. We know you really have to be self-confident to pass this weekly task but that's the point of the challenge. Show everyone how big and thick is your dick. If you are couple, let your partner measure you. It can be nice foreplay. Does the size really matter to you? Does it matter to your partner? Tell us your opinion with your own cock measurement!


closed How do you enjoy your time in bathtub? Hot water and steam everywhere. A lot of women enjoy bubble bath teasing you by showing some explicit parts of their perfect bodies. Your sweaty sexy naked body laying in warm water enjoying yourself. The cock is getting hard almost automatically. A lot of couples love to having sex in bathtub. Masturbation in warm water is such a relieve. Some couples even enjoy to piss over each other. Show us how do take a perfect bath!


closed As a Christmas gift for you we added animated gif support! Finally! So surprise surprise the last weekly task in 2k19 is post animated gif. Jerking off hard cock, cumming, playing with cunt, pussy licking, playing with sex toys or just any other sexual activity. It's absolutely up to you. Just don't forget... the junk should be in motion!


closed Merry Christmas everybody! Enjoy upcoming holidays and show us how do you celebrate! This time everything related to xmas is allowed! Let other members know how do you enjoy your partner or yourself during holiday(s). Show off your presents you get/give. It's all up to you and have fun!

Pussy Pic

closed Well our female members clearly want their own weekly task too. Take a pic of your pussy and share it with other members. We all want to see your cunt in every detail and best angle! Show us your tasty shaved pussy lips or hot pubic hair. Share vagina of your wife/gf or just your female friend. Taking such a pic can be quite challenging...

Pussy Fucking

closed Next weekly task for our horny couples. Show other members how do you enjoy vanilla sex. Stick your hard dick into her wet pussy and click it! We all wanna know what sex positions do you enjoy. What penetration angle is good for her? Do you enjoy hard fucking? Or you are more about sensual slow sex? Tell us... or even better SHOW US! Show us her cunt getting your cock!


closed We recieved a lot of requests about weekly tasks for couples. So here we go. The goal is show how your partner is sucking your rock hard dick. Deepthroat, ballsdeep mouth fucking or just licking the head of your cock? You decide! Show other members how do you enjoy oral sex, what do you like to do with mouth of your sexual partner. Where do you like to cum? Facial? Does she swallos?

The Precum

closed Looking around it's pretty common to be horny as fuck. Show us how horny you really are. Your rock solid hard dick should be producing and squeezing a lot of precum so the other members know you were jerking off to their pics. That you are edging your stiff dick for a while already.

Cumshot Pix

closed Show us how can you spray the cum from your hard cock after fucking, blowjob or wanking session. The moment of ejaculation is actual theme and everything related. Are you couple? Facial, sperm on tits and especially on tight freshly fucked pussy/ass is welcome. Maybe spunk on the tongue or creampie? You decide!

A Condom

closed It's time to wrap it up! Show your hard cock with a condom on. Share with us your favorite brand you use. Are you woman? No problem, put the rubber on your favorite dildo/vibrator/whatever. Couples should show having sex with the rubber. The task is simply condom related erotic stuff!

Favorite Sex Toy

closed Post your favorite sex toy. Show other members how do you enjoy playing with it. Let's get inspired together... what do you have and what do you like. Dildo, vibrator, hitachi, fleshlight, pocket pussy, homemade stuff... there are no limits!

The Bulge

closed Put your favorite underwear on and take a pic of the bulge. Your dick should not be explicit this time. Tease the members! PROTIP: rock hard cock helps you a lot!

Outdoor nude pic

closed Take a pic of your wet pussy/hard dick outside and share it! Everyone can take such a pic at home/bathroom/bedroom. Boring and no challenge at all!

Toilet Paper Roll Test

closed Toilet paper roll test! Make your dick hard and upload pic of you trying to stick it in the paper roll!

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